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Capacity is the single most important factor to be borne in mind when buying an urn. The first thing to consider is whether you want to keep all the ashes or just part of them. To establish the size of urn you need, you should take into account the approximated weight of the deceased.

As a general rule, one kilogramme is equivalent to 37 cubic centimetres, so a person weighing 100 kilos will take up 3.7 litres, one weighing 50 kilos 1.85 litres and one weighing 75 kilos, 2.78 litres.

Alternatively, for the less metric-minded, one pound of body weight gives one cubic inch of ash (so 220 pounds are equivalent to 220 cubic inches, 170 pounds to 170 cubic inches, etc.).

If you want to keep all the ashes, choose any model from our "urn" range.

If you only want to keep some of the ashes, choose a "keepsake urn" (the ashes of a loved one can be divided between family members in a number of these). Keepsake urns have a minimum capacity of one litre (60 cubic centimetres).

If you prefer to keep a small, symbolic amount of the ashes, consider a "mini urn".

On the other hand, should you wish to keep a tiny amount of the ashes with you always, you can do so by opting for a piece of "jewellery".

Given that the only problem with an urn is that it may be too small, we would advise you in the case of doubt to choose the larger option.

If you are a fist-time buyer or would like to have help to calculate the urn's capacity given its final destination, we recommend to use our Advanced Search Engine.

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