What is a cremation urn and what is it for?

A cremation urn is a receptacle that holds the ashes of a loved one. Cremation urns also keep alive and honour their memory.

What kind of urns are there?

There are a number of different types of urns. All of them have the same purpose –holding ashes– but with significant differences. Actual urns themselves can hold all the ashes (we refer to these simply as "urns") and have a capacity of between 3.2 and 3.8 litres (200 and 230 cubic inches). "Keepsake urns" are smaller and can hold a part of the cremation ashes, but not all of them. "Mini urns" are smaller than "keepsake urns" and contain only a symbolic part of the ashes. "Jewellery" includes any type of gold or silver ware or jewellery that has a small, concealed receptacle for holding the ashes.

What size urn do I need?

Capacity is the single most important factor to be borne in mind when buying an urn. The first thing to consider is whether you want to keep all the ashes or just part of them. To establish the size of urn you need, you should take into account the weight of the deceased. As a general rule, one kilogramme is equivalent to 37 cubic centimetres, so a person weighing 100 kilos will take up 3.7 litres, one weighing 50 kilos 1.85 litres and one weighing 75 kilos, 2.78 litres. Alternatively, for the less metric-minded, one pound of body weight gives one cubic inch of ash (so 220 pounds are equivalent to 220 cubic inches, 170 pounds to 170 cubic inches, etc.). If you want to keep all the ashes, choose any model from our "urn" range. If you only want to keep some of the ashes, choose a "keepsake urn" (the ashes of a loved one can be divided between family members in a number of these). Keepsake urns have a minimum capacity of one litre (60 cubic centimetres). If you prefer to keep a small, symbolic amount of the ashes, consider a "mini urn". On the other hand, should you wish to keep a tiny amount of the ashes with you always, you can do so by opting for a piece of "jewellery". Given that the only problem with an urn is that it may be too small, we would advise you in the case of doubt to choose the larger option.

Why buy an Etternal urn?

Etternal urns have one thing that make them stand out from other urns available: Etternal urns are matchless certified works of art. Furthermore, Etternal can make specially-commissioned urns and monuments, whereby the customer commissions an exclusive work in line with their particular requirements and tastes.

Do Etternal urns meet all usability requirements?

Every Etternal urn is made in compliance with strict quality and usability standards. They will carry out their task of keeping your loved one's ashes with every guarantee of safety, provided that your use them properly and follow the instructions provided with every Etternal urn.

What should I do when I am given the ashes?

The ashes are usually provided in a sealed plastic bag. Do not open this bag unless absolutely necessary and handle it with great care. Until you have decided where to keep the ashes, we recommend that you keep them at home in a safe place, out of the reach of children or pets. Please see the following point "How should I handle the ashes?".

How should I handle the ashes?

We at Etternal recommend that you handle the ashes extremely carefully, especially when placing them in the urn. Unless absolutely necessary, do not take them out of their bag, if they are supplied in one by the crematorium. If you want to divide the ashes between a number of urns, mini urns, keepsake urns or pieces of jewellery, we recommend doing so with great care, in a quiet, draught-free place indoors. If, for whatever reason, you feel you are not up to the task, we recommend that you seek help from someone completely trustworthy or from the crematorium itself, which should have qualified staff to do this for you.

Can I personalize my Etternal urn with images or words?

Urns from Etternal's "Columbaria" range can be personalized upon customer request with any image, epitaph, verse, literary quotation, drawing, photograph, etc. This personalisation can be carried out in laser engraving or painted in any colour.

How should I care for and handle my Etternal urn?

Etternal urns are quite easy to care for. Like all works of art, however, they benefit from being in clean place out of direct light and free from sharp changes in temperature. We recommend keeping your urn dust-free. Cleaning and maintenance tips are provided in the instructions included with the urn.

Are Etternal urns exclusive works of art and design?

Every Etternal urn comes with a copy of its intellectual property certificate and a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.

Are Etternal urns made from lasting, quality materials?

Etternal urns are made from tough, beautiful and long-lasting materials, materials used in art since time immemorial. These can include bronze, iron, silver, noble metals, high-quality glass, marble, etc.

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